The out door grow will give us the cannabis to test next year our little research grow can never produce all the cannabis we need this grow will be 24 plants. This will cost about £1500 and then minimal cost every year.

Systems I am using here is an experiment if all works out well it will be made in to module so you can do the same if you are of a mind, the system I use have all been tried and tested for years indoors and I hope the growing method will take you step by step to your own high quality cannabis.

this System has not been tried before outdoors I have converted NFT 424 in to a Dutch pot system will take 9 pots this system will be used to harden off the early plants.

simple to do the dripper pipe fits into the stranded NFT fitting. but most of the time I run the system 1/2 standard NFT and the other with 9 dripper tops see indoor vegetation


1 2

1 tee for the 1st 2 tops

3 4

just add tees and a dripper as you add the pots

5 6

I have run this system in doors with 18 tops


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