WAR CRIMES worrer only 3 Reported by channel 5 to Abingdon
Oxfordshire police. Officers of the
Crown acting under the misuse of
drugs act, kidnapped from her home,
only victim the Crown, we are 100%
certain Michelle did not give the
officers consent.
Peaceful action against the Abingdon
Oxfordshire Police Station and the
officers should start NOW Phone and
ask them why they support

Everyone should contact Abingdon police and ask them why, instead of choosing to uphold the law and their oaths, they have chosen to kidnap an innocent woman in the name of an act of parliament which is clearly unlawful and immoral. This two tier system of law must be highlighted and stamped out once and for all!

 One of our Medical Cannabis Warriors, Michelle Ann X, has been arrested on 2nd July after sharing her story with channel 5. Michelle shared her story in good faith and, in return, Michelle’s trust was betrayed and she was reported to the police by channel 5.

Just before the show was due to air, police from Abingdon police station came to her home and arrested both Michelle and her partner. Police also seized all of Michelle’s medicine and all her growing equipment which she uses to produce the medicine. Michelle has had great success in treating her condition with cannabis and in doing so saves the NHS ~£30,000 annually.

Our government claims cannabis has no medical value, but cannabis is already available on prescription in the UK as a tincture (a whole extract of cannabis) under the name Sativex! Sativex has recently been approved by the Welsh NHS. Further, there are already patients in the UK being prescribed Bedrocan cannabis flowers! Nonetheless, our government continues to insist that cannabis has no medical value. If cannabis has no medical value then why were GW pharmaceuticals awarded a licence to grow cannabis and market cannabis medicines? Why are doctors even today prescribing Bedrocan to patients in the UK? Why has the NHS in Wales approved a cannabis tincture for prescription use? Why does our government allow cannabis on the NHS on one hand while simultaneously claiming that cannabis is without medicinal value?


The preponderance of evidence shows that cannabis is one the safest medicines available, and for MS in particular there is also a vast amount of evidence proving that cannabis is efficacious. Nonetheless, our government continues to lie, and our legal system continues to persecute people like Michelle. This situation MUST change. Punishing the sick for victimless non-crimes serves nobody, but our cowardly politicans would sooner leave a trail of the sick, dying and dead in their path before admitting that they have acted in error. If our politicians do not want to be seen by history alongside slave traders and slave plantation owners, they must do the right thing and end this madness.

Here at Dark City we have no expectation that the government will do the right thing and we advocate direct, peaceful action to stand together with Michelle and the countless other victims. Firstly, you can contact Thames Valley Police Abingdon (address and phone number below) and ask why they have chosen to harass an innocent disabled woman who has saved the NHS many thousands of pounds? Why do they continue to act in direct contravention of morality, natural justice and their oath as police officers?

There will be more to come today on this topic from Dark City!

Let’s stand together with the real
victims here,
Michelle and YOU

Abingdon Police Station, Colwell Drive, Abingdon, OX14 1AU,

Phone 0845 850 5505

By Sarah Dougan

Dark City Compassion Club


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    thinking of sending a ton of horse manure under 5.4 THIS WAS BEING USED TO GROW CANNABIS I am just handing it in

  2. AlbertBloom says:

    Thank you DarkCity Compassion Club ESP

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