I Am Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews

This page was written by Dave Matthews and Ali Bannister, talking about just some of the benefits cannabis oil has brought.  Dave Matthews is an ex jockey, so suffered a few injuries and had a very strict regime to stay the right weight for horse riding, this took its toll on Dave’s body. Hes explains in his blog how cannabis oil has helped his body heal. Dave now makes rally cars at his own business D M Motor Sport, in Wales. Ali Banister has also confirmed Dave’s findings, Ali is a prize winning artist. international portrait artist of the year  2008, she was the artist for the film War Horse.

I have used cannabis oil for almost 2 years now ( just swallowing a small clayamount each day) for a number of ailments, I had severe osteo arthritis and some other issues, I therefore have personal first hand knowledge of the facts! I used to get night terrors and would wake through not being able to breath! Sleep apnoea was severe and Ali used to sleep with one eye open for fear of me not breathing, I also snored like a hog! I sleep so so well now! No night terror, no sleep apnoea, no heartburn(which was so severe I’d choke once a week in sleep through Inhaling tummy acid) , the arthritis got so good that I was back to running 1 hr 15 mins every morning with Ali. I’m keeping some stuff to myself as its on a need to know basis! But everything I have taken it for has improved beyond belief , as far as it making you dumb and all of the other bull you hear about it, ive noticed a marked improvement in the stuff I’m able to do, 2years ago I tried to re create something to do with rally cars! I didn’t have a hope and failed no matter how I tried, I sent Paul a pic yesterday of said item which I made with ease! Can it harm you? It hasn’t harmed me!

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Dave’s wife Alie adds And I can confirm that everything that Dave said above about his health is true. He forget to mention that as an added bonus his skin feels amazingly smooth after just one night of taking a small amount of oil and any wrinkles on his face disappear too.

And with Dave’s permission and encouragement he’s agreeing to endure any embarrassment in letting me also share that it solved an erectile dysfunction which conventional drugs* hadn’t solved. *They helped a little bit but certainly weren’t a cure and caused painful headaches. It was also expensive and removed any form of spontaneity. Cannabis oil more than solved the problem. Happy days

Oh yeah, and Dave’s eye’s look clearer, whites whiter, that sort of thing. Gmakeing 1enerally he looks a lot younger; and not just to me; other people regularly comment on how well he looks. He’s even lost weight.

He’d been waking up in pain of one form or another for as long as I’d known him, so a good 10+ years. Cannabis oil has been like a wonder-drug.

Plus you don’t see see people falling over in the street, starting fights over the smallest things and being taken advantage of whilst taking it -unlike alcohol.