Update 7 – 2015

oil 140 gr 6The days of saying you can not get cannabis oil are over.

If you have got the price of a flight and a tent, even better if you got some cash to spend on a room.

 It seems like everything in the world has got a price on it, and i am sure you will all agree, something are priceless.

1We came to Spain over 2 years ago and have been here off and on ever since.  If others would have done what they said, we may have done this a lot sooner, but hey they did not so let’s not dwell on  what others, have not done and look at where we are today.

If you need cannabis oil you can now get it via G.S.A and D.C.C.C, it will not take you 2 years, if you play your cards right, and get your paper work in order, you can get oil within 15 mins of arriving in Spain.  You cannot just walk in off the street and do a deal at G.A.S  but if you’re looking for a real members club that serves the real cannabis movement, get your papers sorted and call D.C.C.C we will help you, along your way.

 stevey dccmt

We have helped others from 3 to 73 year old and we are helping more right now to take back their power and return to wellbeing, for less than the price of a second hand car. I would love to see cannabis oil in the UK for free, but that’s going to be a long time coming, if you are  in need today its already too late.

orangeHow does it work? well you call D.C.C.C, we will give you a form to fill out and get you tested, set up your protocol, it does not matter how long you have been into cannabis or not, this will help you 100%, all this will cost about €300/£250 plus you’re going to have to be a member that`s €35/£25 now all you need is the oil €45/£35 a gram.

We would have insisted that you set up your own grow here in Spain, this would take you about 4 months  and at that point you could have all the oil you  need.  Things have changed as we now have the help of G.S.A, we found sometimes the stress of setting up a grow too much for some, however if you do decide to do this, the rent will play a big part in the price and how well you do at growing your own. The price can be as little as the price of a packet of seeds, from €7 to €2000, for a full hydro set up, think 10 plants outdoors will get you about 1 kg, that`s going to be well over 100 grams of oil.

all the sameIn some cases we can put you next to the grower, here in Spain, where you can get  the cannabis you need, to make your own oils, leaving out the middle man.  No way will you end up with some old grass clippings again, its ok if you know a little about cannabis but most we meet would not know the difference in grades of cannabis.  One member saved himself over €3000 then the cannabis turned out not to be cannabis

1We will show you everything you need to know from planting the seed all the way to making your own oil, we now have members that have returned to their home lands and are now not only self-sufficient, but help to get this wonderful medicine to them that need it.

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