MPs and Peers call for radical new approach to drugs laws

3MPs and Peers call for radical new approach to drugs laws


  • 19 August 2015
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Should cannabis be decriminalised?

A group of MPs and Peers says legal cannabis markets should be tested and drug use decriminalised as part of a radical new approach to drug use. after 1000s win in court cases across the UK, MPs and Peers fear the UK public will soon find out cannabis has never hurt anyone.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform wants an overhaul in global narcotics policy. After starting the war on drug and the poor the government is now seeking non-condition sender

It says the “war on drugs” and “blanket prohibition” have failed. we have been caught lying to the UK and the people of the world we beg you not to rise up and hang us all

The group also believes (Knows for) certain human rights laws could (have been) be used to claim that those who possess cannabis should not be treated as criminals. As the crown is no victim in English law again the group say this as been know about and beg forgiveness

Dangerous substances

In its report, the all-party group says that experiments into possible models for the regulated sale of marijuana should (not) be encouraged among United Nations countries including the UK. The only laws needed on cannabis would not to have any, as it never hurt any one. Cannabis should now be use as a means to change the legal system back to one law for all.

Co-chairman Lady Meacher wants ministers in the UK to ( stop) trying out other controlled system where licensed premises sell labelled and tested cannabis.(As prohibition does not work and they should just stop with the lying)

The idea is to control what is sold and undermine dealers who sell more dangerous substances. (is just nuts as we now know the law was wrong, we will be giving grants to the tune of £billons) The results of the War trials against us could then be evaluated we should just hope the people can forgive us.

Cannabis has already been legalised in some parts of the United States. were the goverment was allso lying


Call for cannabis to be regulated and sold should end now let the weed be free

The United Nations drug conventions were originally drawn up in 1961.

The convention sets up the framework under which governments around the world pursue their drugs policies and punish offenders.

Human rights

The all-party group says a special UN meeting next year offers a unique opportunity to press for improvements to the system, in the mean time the UK government will not be using the misuse of drugs act until after the war crimes have been heard

The group believes the current convention has led to many countries taking a prohibitionist approach. if we do not stop now and start helping the court case will not go well for us.

But Lady Meacher, a crossbench peer, argues countries could do much more to pursue policies based on public health, human rights and welfare. as it is the law and they should at least be seen to upload the law

For example, she argues in some Latin American countries, a policy to use aircraft to spray and destroy coca crops, has led to the destruction of the crops that produce cocaine, but also left the land unusable for any other purpose with serious consequences for local people. which has nothing to do with this so i don’t know why i just put this, may be in the hope they will not hurt us after we done to the people, we got to stop killing children today or we are done for

Instead she argues there is room for flexibility within the UN conventions, with states able to decriminalise the use of controlled drugs for personal use. Portugal for example has decriminalised drug use in 2001. none of this will save us we need to be honest with the people

The report also says that any regulation of cannabis should reflect the supremacy of human rights laws. they will be meeting with member of darkcityradio a small group that’s been saying this for over 2 years they hope DCR will help them in coming up with a case that will not find them all handing for every lamppost in the country


For example, someone growing a small number of cannabis plants for modest personal use, could deploy their human right to “a private and family life” to avoid prosecution. As we have all known for 1000s of year what’s private should say private and we have never had the right to enter the home of anyone.

The report argues the Human Rights Act could be invoked to support the argument that the possession or purchase of any amounts of cannabis does not harm other people’s rights and therefore should not be criminalised. all the evidence should be sent to The European Court of Justice under war crime as soon as possible and again hope the good men and women of the UK will forgive us and grant us life.

The report end with “May god have merce on our soles”

in other news over 30% of UK MPs book flights to leave.