UK government plans to Legalise cannabis

over 100`00 turn on the small cannabis grower in support of UK government plans to Legalise cannabis


UK cannabis user under CPS can grow up to 30 plants as long as they get licence free from the local police station with 100s licence at every police station. that’s over 30`000 plants for the taking at every police station across the UK. and medical user 99 plants.


to good to be true well for over 10 years or more the CPS has not taken any no comment grower to court as under UK law there is no victim as long as the grower does not tell them anything the CPS will not take them to court.




this as not stop the police that know this from wasting millions in tax payers money on bulling UK cannabis grower as the story breaks we are seeing police forces across the counter starting to back down on bulling cannabis grower

farmerthe government will have to side step this if they are not going to want a civil war on there hands, copying the Canadian government plan they started a movement to Legalise cannabis in the hope that most in the UK will support them setting up medical cannabis via a GP the plan is clean to licence GW and other big bissness with unlimited licence and remove the private grow once and for all.

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