Harvest Time At DCCC Spain

This summer has been one of the hottest for along time in Spain, this is the summer we decided to set up a research grow of a hydro system outdoors!!!!!


DCCC first out door research grow photo by Truw Media

People thought we must be mad but we perfer to call it divergent here at DCCC.

Paul has done a great job keeping everything alive with temperatures reaching well into the 40s at the peak.  Lucky for us here at DCCC Paul is very versitile and a trained engineer, this made it possible for him to make adjustments along the way so that the plants not only survive but produced beautiful buds.  This meant that Sarah, Kush and Jackquie were able to harvest and do the first trim, on the first out door research grow of Dark Ace in a hydro system.



Out door research grow DCCC photo by Truw Media


Paul had to fly back to the UK as he has things to sort out, he left Sarah and Kush there so they had to do the harvesting.  We invited a lovely couple from Belgium to come and give us a hand.  They had always been warned about the so called dangers of cannabis, they never thought they would ever be sitting in Spain using cannabis and assisting us in the harvesting and triming.  We all found this very funny 🙂 One of the couple has been using cannabis oil for the last six weeks for his cancer and feels great, he has been getting changes in his tumours and they both our having a great time here in Spain.



Kush and Sarah DCCC out door research grow Dark Ace


These plants once dried are going to be made into decarboxylated Cannabis oil and tested so we can see the cannabinoid levels so see exactly what is in our oil and this great strain that has been breed here in Spain by Paul and the DCCC crew.

I will post an up date once the oil has been profiled and we know exactly how much of those amazing cannabinoids we have in this strain 🙂

By Sarah Dougan

Dark City Compassion Club Science Adviser