I am Number 14001

Hi all My Name is Paul AKA Bob

Harold Shipman told me and my dad 40 years ago, I have got arthritis, looked in to my eyes and asked “what do you what pain killers” looking to my dad “he’s too young for pain killers.

15 years old I started work the pain I have always known needed help and the pain killers started. 20 year of help from the doctor’s I was lost, nothing like the boy, full of fire and a love for life, I was in to everything now, I was a psyco, you would not let your eye look into mine more then a moment, definitely not more than once, the pain I had always known had filled me and now leaped out at others around me I loved so much.

Don’t get me wrong, we still had good times well it look like I had good times, I now know different, I know I am still looking for the boy before the pain, my only fear is that he is lost for ever.

15 years ago a doctor from Oldham hospital ask my GP over the phone “why are you trying to kill this man” I heard a voice say, “your letting them kill you”, I have not taken a single drug from a doctor, since that day until now. My xxx wife thank god, was a nurse, she rang my GP and they said they would no longer see me as I was violent. They made a monster, and kicked me out into the world, to hurt others or myself.

Only cannabis for over 12 years, I have told many doctors’ etc.etc that I am using cannabis. They would never put anything to do with cannabis on my records, and then about 11 years ago my records went missing, I asked my GP for my medical record as he had told me that he had put cannabis on them, as I used it to stop all the drugs I had been given, he told me to get a lawyer.

I got a letter yesterday from Oldham hospital, saying I am using cannabinoids and I am getting better, only time I am not well is when I don’t take cannabinoids, I cannot stop crying my war is over you see,

I have not got arthritis, I never did,

I am no longer mad, I never was.

I am not a bad man, I never was,

just a little boy that did not like there world. Well look out the man boy is back, I am focusing on myself with the power of a child’s love, for its father, the mothers love for her child, don’t think for one moment that I am on my own it this, my 40 years of war and pain may be ending, but for the time being we have still got a Harold Shipman in every doctor’s office all to ready to send another child to hell.

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